Why is this fund only focusing on repairs to roofs and rainwater disposal systems?

Damage from rain water is often the main reason why historic places of worship are at risk.

Water can enter a building through broken or slipped slates or tiles; split lead coverings; or defective or blocked gutters, downpipes and drains. Rain water can quickly cause numerous problems and threaten plasterwork, wall paintings, and valuable fittings and furnishings. Damp places also provide an ideal environment for fungal growth and insect infestation, which pose a considerable risk to roof timbers and other woodwork. Masonry and brickwork will also quickly deteriorate if saturated.

Much of this decay can be slowed considerably or stopped altogether by simply preventing water coming in. Securing roofs helps to maintain the building for future generations – if done properly, for up to 100 years. A secure roof ensures that these types of buildings continue to provide a suitable environment for worship as well as wider, community activities including local social outreach and support services. A well-roofed building will not only ensure the longevity of the building but also maintain the effective integration of the place of worship with its local community. This fund will therefore deliver a lasting legacy.

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