Queries on the application process

No, there is no requirement or opportunity to pre-register.

Your application and all supporting information will need to be received by the National Heritage Memorial Fund by 12 noon on Friday 26 February 2016.

No, unfortunately NHMF does not have the resources to assist with applications beyond answering straightforward questions about the application process. You should contact the organisation with the overall responsibility or a supervisory role for your place of worship to see whether they can provide you with any assistance.

You can still apply for a grant. Ask your lead professional adviser to fill in the project costs table on the application form as well as they can. Include a contingency to cover cost uncertainty. Any grant offer will be made on the basis of the information in the costs table, but this may be revised later, if necessary, once further details are obtained and project costs are more accurately defined. You can add the cost of the further investigative work in your application if you do not have sufficient funds to pay for it.

You need to provide us with the necessary supplementary information within six months of the date of your grant offer letter. We may be able to extend this period if necessary. You must contact us if you think you are likely to need longer.

You need to complete your repair project and to have claimed all of your grant within two years of the date of your grant offer letter.

Yes. Only one application per listed place of worship.

NHMF has a formal complaints procedure, which is set out on the NHMF website.

Payments should be made to the organisation that submitted the application and that will incur the cost for the repairs – normally this would be the Parochial Church Council or an appropriate body.